ISO 22000 : 2005

Production facilities of PJSC «Ternopil Dairy Factory» are certificated in compliance with the relevant safety management system requirements.

Certification audit was carried out by BUREAU VERITAS, an international certification body with more than 40 national and international accreditation bodies around the world. Production facilities of PJSC «Ternopil Dairy Factory» have successfully passed the audit with compliance to ISO 22000: 2005 Certification.

This means that all production facilities of PJSC «Ternopil Dairy Factory» comply with international standards, are safe for workers and provide quality conditions for the production.



In 2019 PJSC «Ternopil Dairy Factory» received HALAL CERTIFICATE confirming that «Ternopil Dairy Factory» produces dairy products which conform to Islamic religious standards (products do not contain substances prohibited in Islam). Muslims all around the world are free to use the products made by PJSC «Ternopil Dairy Factory».

 Products complying with Islamic religious standards:

- Plain Yogurt (spoonable, sugar free, non-thermised), 1,6% fat;

- "Ayran I run", kefir drink, 0% fat;

- Kefir (drinkable, spoonable, non-thermised); 1,0%, 2,5% fat

- Unsalted  sweet cream butter, min. 82% fat (DSTU) 4399:2005;

- Unsalted  sweet cream butter, min. 72,5% fat (DSTU) 4399:2005.